Waiting for the right face

IMG_0801Most nights, the terrier girls and I cozy up to watch art videos.  Our go-to is James Kalm’s Rough Cuts.

Unlike his usual so-called “half-assed reportitude” of gallery openings, his latest is a panel of “pioneers” from East Village, Soho, Chelsea, and Williamsburg.
Irving Sandler, head low over the microphone and eyes cast downward on his notes, recounted his time with the likes of Willem de Kooning in the 50s.  The purple light of the low-lit room settled on his eyebrows, capped his head, and glimmered on his beautiful indigo jacket.  I started drawing.

It was a good exercise to sketch in my own low light with subject in process.  Hands do the work instead of the protesting mind.  RIght place, right time, right face.

“When a person is prepared to receive something, a series of accidents takes place”

— Irving Sandler