Testing Burlap, Testing Myself

I HAVE THIS IDEA.  Not even half-baked, it’s just a whiff in the air, like smelling Spring from the frosty depths of January.  Wishful thinking?  Maybe.  For now, it’s a form that pulls together portraits, found objects, favorite elements (e.g., marbles, wire), nature pressings, fabric & fiber, light and space, movement.

But here’s the rub:  I have to start somewhere.  That’s the problem with art.  And so I start with burlap, my current material of choice for cheap, easy curtains.  It feels good, the weave is generous, and, as my artist sister frequently says, “it speaks to me.”

IMG_0659 In this case, it tells me to sew sheer pockets and insert an old photograph into one and marbles in the other.  Then, hang it where I can’t miss it.  Live with it.

And add some more stuff.


Then write about it.  Make sketches.








Every morning from my desk, I watch the light make my dining room and porch (The Prow) glow.  Marbles, my friends, should glow too.  After all, they’re small glass orbs.


The pink backing is organza saved from a floral arrangement.  That is speaking to me too.  Get more organza!  Yes, right after I pin up more stuff.