Seeing in Sepia

Photography “is about the eye and not about the hand.” -- Robert Rauschenberg

My favorite subject (so far) on the abandoned campus is The Dollhouse.  It opens plainly to the light — morning and sunset — and in doing so, reveals its beauty.  Seeing it in sepia makes me pause, consider the depth of my attraction.


Body of the house emerges, rises through the porch, as if the porch is an odd hoop skirt with bones dangling from it.  The posts travel downward to ground the place but decorative brackets keep the body hopeful, orienting upwards, skywards.  Heaven.


Simplicity — exterior and interior — is compelling.  The conversation with its surroundings, though, is complex.  Trees loom, begin to overwhelm The Dollhouse — the balance between light and shadow, protection and dissolution, deliberates.



The Rauschenberg quote is from Philip Gefter's lovely and revelatory article in The New York Times, October 17, 2013.