Interpreting the Tarot

Change of seasons — warm, melting, moldy leaves one day covered by ice the next as temperatures swing from 50 to 20 — affect body and mind.  It’s a good time to sit down with a Tarot spread and reflect on its signs, symbols and connections.

The Star


The Star (#17), the ability to focus on one’s internal compass and project its clarity externally, is in “Decision-Making.”  Auspicious but 1+7 = 8.  Be aware of 8’s that challenge this, diminish this.


Indolence / Inertia



And there is the 8 of Cups (aka Inertia or Indolence) in “Hopes and Fears.”  Think unfilled cups, energy leaking into a big sea.  Yes, fear meh, ennui, apathy, lack of passion, lack of interest, whatever you call it.



It’s all about balance and boundaries and identifying who or what is blocking energy.  I love to draw my way through absorbing this information.




My source is Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Handbook Practical Applications of Ancient Visual Symbols.  I was sorry to learn Dr. Arrien died unexpectedly almost a year ago.  As a cultural anthropologist and author, she spanned disciplines and yielded helpful insight paths.  This reminds me to revisit The Second Half of Life: The Eight Gates of Wisdom.  Many thanks, Dr. Arrien.  Rest in peace.